Larkfleet Group - Leader In Sustainability And Alternative Energy

Lark Energy is part of the Larkfleet Group, an award-winning housebuilding and development company based in Bourne, Lincolnshire.

It is a group of businesses with a focus on sustainability that sets it apart from competitors.

Its customers and clients include homebuyers, local authorities, housing associations, independent builders and construction companies – as well as the land and building owners, farmers, developers and others served by Lark Energy.

All the group companies strive to demonstrate environmental best practice and sustainability not just in the projects they deliver for customers but also in their own business practices. 

The group is a substantial investor in research and development (R&D) projects in areas such as renewable energy and sustainable construction that will benefit future generations.

Wherever possible, group companies employ local people and place contracts with local suppliers. Their success means that they are able to support local economies with employment opportunities, support local ecosystems with sustainable construction and wildlife protection practices and support the local environment with low carbon building methods. It also enables the group to support local communities through activities such as working with local schools and charities and sponsoring business awards to celebrate the achievements of local companies. 

The Larkfleet Group is a major supporter of training initiatives, not just through its own apprenticeship and graduate recruitment programmes but through support for local colleges and sponsorship of the Greater Peterborough University Technical College.

The group has won and been shortlisted for many regional and national awards for its quality, sustainability and community involvement.